About Us


Scott Duensing

Scott has developed software for almost every computer, console, and handheld since teaching himself to program on a TI99/4a.  His early claims to fame include the very first server capable of 4-player Doom over dial-up modems and a million-plus-downloads Palm (Pilot) game that was created before there was even an official SDK for the machine.  He created game and simulation software for the early virtual reality headsets of the 90s and worked on cross-platform drivers and tools during the VR boom of the 2010s that were used in everything from training simulations, arcade machines, and medical tools.  Today he focuses on educating people about the benefits of open source software and helping people implement solutions that free them from vendor lock in and insane licensing expenses.  In his free time, he is an avid retro-gamer and works to preserve classic systems and software.

Roger Bullerdick

Roger was gifted an IBM PC XT in the 80’s at about 10 years of age. He has been at a keyboard since. While in college, Roger worked full time at an independently owned local computer software retailer. Roger’s first job after graduating college was providing internet help desk support to the customers of a startup dial-up ISP vendor founded by Scott Duensing. Roger and Scott grew the Gateway to the Web business to include small business internet provisioning, web site hosting, as well as website and custom application design. More recently, Roger has worked for several software solution providers servicing the healthcare industry. Roger has a passion for technology and a true commitment to serving others with kindness.